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The Importance of a Morning Routine

Most musicians aren't really morning people- we find ourselves hitting the bed after a show around 2 or 3 AM, and getting up the next morning at the crack of dawn just isn't feasible.

Of course, "morning" is relative term, and the routine you establish for whatever you call "morning" will determine a lot of the rest of your day. I usually take a shower, fix a protein shake, read the blogs I subscribe to, and work out. It gets my mind, body, and blood sugar off on the right foot, and it's a wonderful way for me to ramp up the busyness of the day.

Here's why I think that morning rituals are important:

Healthy people work better

Breakfast, if it's the right item, can kickstart healthy eating for the rest of the day. I find my work productivity shoots through the roof when I'm healthy, and it's a non-negotiable that you look physically fit if you're in the entertainment business. Don't let yourself get flabby- it could cost you gigs.

I always eat something high protein (protein powder or eggs), and then wash it down with an 8 ounce glass of Naked Juice. The protein powder gives me the stamina, and the juice has all the vitamins and nutrients of a handful of pills and a basketful of fruit. It costs a little more than OJ, but it's much cheaper than taking supplements, and it's all natural.

Educated people think better

If you haven't noticed, the most intelligent people are usually the people that read a lot. I subscribe to a number of different blogs that challenge my thinking and keep me re-examining what I do.

They're free, and it's amazing the stuff you can learn from just a few minutes of thought-provoking reading each day.

Fit people do more

It's simple: more stamina=more energy=more work done each day. Working out easily gives you back the time it takes, and you'll be more confident and feel better about the way you look.

Musicians are especially prone to back injuries (lots of heavy lifting and long hours of sitting still don't mix well). One of the easiest ways to avoid hurting yourself is to strengthen the muscles in your back, legs, and arms- the stronger your muscles, the less likely you'll be to overexert and injure yourself. I know that hauling gear up flights of steps when I'm in shape is a lot easier, too.

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