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Free Sound Sundays- keyboard patches for Mainstage 2

Free Sound Sundays- keyboard patches for Mainstage 2

As many of you know, I am a music director at a contemporary church- I've been putting together patches (i.e. sound presets) for years now, and I'll be sharing a few of them each Sunday.

I primarily use Mainstage 2, and all of the presets I post here will only use Mainstage 2- no additional VST plugins required.

Most of the sounds I create will loosely follow what the original tracks sound like, although we do create alternate takes of popular songs quite often.

Here's the first patch from this Sunday- very basic, but a great pad to play over the top of a grand piano:

Endless Hallelujah

Also, I've included a custom Mainstage 2 layout I created for Sunday mornings- just click here to download it.

P.S. You'll need MainStage 2 to run these sounds. In case you don't have it, Mainstage 2 is a 30 dollar (!!!) download from the mac app store. It comes with every sound you'll need for live performance. Believe me, it's the best 30 dollars you'll ever spend on your rig!


Writing Vs. Speaking

Less than Optimal

Less than Optimal