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30 Reasons to Heart St. Louis

I recently posted a Facebook comment asking why St. Louis is so consistently underrated by the rest of the US- I got a lot of great feedback, and it inspired me to explain why I love St. Louis in a bit more depth. Here's 30 reasons in no particular order that helps explain why I'm proud to call St. Louis my home.

30. Great restaurants (especially the younger generation of creative chefs in the region)
29. World-class art museum (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Cezanne, and countless others are on show, for free)
28. Historic architecture (dating back to the pre-revolutionary war era)
27. Rich history (Lewis and Clark, westward expansion, Civil war, etc)
26. Ted Drewes Ice Cream (best frozen custard in the Midwest)
25. The City Museum (outrageously cool indoor art exhibit/experience)
24. The St. Louis Symphony (consistently ranked in the top 10 symphonies in the world)
23. The Hill (amazing Italian food)
22. The St. Louis Cardinals (6-time World Series winners)
21. The St. Louis Zoo (easily the finest free zoo in the United States)
20. Low cost of living (significantly lower than almost all top 50 Cities in America)
19. The History Museum (yet another world-class free museum)
18. The Science Center (4 stories and two buildings of full of awesome science exhibits, free to the public)
17. The Muny (8,000 seat broadway-quality outdoor theater, with free seats in the back.)
16. Forest Park (site of the 1904 World's Fair, and 2nd largest urban park in the United States)
15. The Botanical Gardens (huge gardens in an urban setting)
14. Route 66 (often overlooked, historic rt. 66 runs straight through downtown St. Louis)
13. Excellent jazz music scene ( some of the top jazz musicians in the world call St. Louis home)
12. The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers (beautiful!)
11. Cahokia Mounds (largest earthen mounds ever built by native Americans)
10. The fabulous Fox Theater (historic theater off Grand Blvd.)
9. The Scott Joplin House (former home to the king of ragtime)
8. Lafeytte Square (historic district from the 1840's in downtown St. Louis)
7. The Lemp Brewery (the birthplace of the American lager beer)
6. The Eads Bridge (innovative early bridge built over the Mississippi River)
5. Historic downtown St. Charles (not technically St. Louis, but close enough and cool enough to make my list)
4. The loop (an awesome shopping district in on Delmar Blvd.)
3. The Rams football team (when they're good)
2. The blues hockey team (when they're not locked out)
1. The Arch ( the gateway to the west)

What do you think are some of the best things about St. Louis? Did I leave anything out? Leave your answer in a comment!


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