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You Have a Choice

Imagine for the rest of your life you got exactly what you wanted. No more lack of money, no more boring jobs. No more tedium of any kind- just the pursuit of your passion every day.

How would it change you? How would it affect your work?

What if today you started acting as this way, prioritizing things that really mattered, and reducing the things that didn’t? What if you started working toward the things that made you feel alive and made a difference, rather than the things we do because we “have to”?

We live with the insane idea that we must do some things, mostly tedious and unimportant, for the rest of our frighteningly brief lives. Most of these things that we think we should do aren’t required to actually survive- we choose them because we don’t think we have a choice.

Start cutting out the unimportant things. Rip them out of your schedule, push them to the back of your desk, hire them out to someone else to do for you.

You have a choice.

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