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Bored on a Monday

So it's Monday. That dreaded day of the week that everybody tries to get through as quickly as possible. Sometimes I am no different- in a fallen world, it's hard to not see what you do as a chore, even when it's something you love.

So how to keep things fresh when you're doing the same thing over and over again, week after week? Here's ten quick ideas to spruce up your routine:

10. Do your task at a different time of day.
9. If possible, switch locations where you do your task.
8. See how fast you can finish your task. Time yourself.
7. Do it standing up, or visa versa.
6. Do it while eating food. Or not.
5. Tweak one small thing about it.
4. Take 1 minute breaks every 15 minutes.
3. Pay someone else to do it for one day only. Just to see what it's like.
2. Take an alternate route if you're driving to do your task.
1. Don't do it for one day and see what happens. Maybe you're bored with it because it's not necessary.

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