Thrift Shop Eyes

I really admire people that can walk into a thrift store and instantly see the potential in a piece of clothing. An ugly pink boa turns into an awesome hat, if you pair it with just the right Rolling Stones t-shirt. It's a gift- one that I don't have.

A great musician/leader has just this talent for pairing people. That person that sings slightly off key might be horrible by themselves, but stick them in a choir and it might sound amazing. Take that drum loop from the intro to that reggae song and pair it with a track you're working on, and you've got the start of a rock anthem.

More importantly, this is a skill that we should all be developing whenever possible. How can we combine things in a way to make it richer? How can we maximize what's available right now to us?

We don't need more money or time. We need thrift shop eyes.