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Why you should blog

I've been blogging for a little bit over a year now (I've been writing my thoughts down for quite awhile before that), And I've come to realize that blogging is not just about trying to gain fans, or even communicating great ideas.

Writing your thoughts down every day, whether that's in a journal, a blog, or even just on Facebook, changes the way that you think about your life, and more importantly, the reasons for why you do what you do.

If you're not sure why you're doing what you're doing, write a blog about it. By the end of the article, you will have had to make some hard decisions about what you really believe. You're also opening yourself up to criticism from outside – a very healthy, essential part of working out any argument.

If you don't know where to start making a blog, there are a ton of free resources available. Here's a quick list of places that allow you to post your thoughts daily for free:

I encourage you to check out these websites today, and start sharing your thoughts. Make sure to send me a link when you post your first blog, so I can check it out.

Make an investment in your mind. Start blogging today!

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