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Introducing Worship Preset Packs

As I've had more requests for Mainstage presets for specific songs, I've realized that the presets I've been uploading to the free Mainstage page, while a great place to start, simply aren't detailed enough to sound exactly the way you want them to onstage.

So today I'd like to introduce Worship Preset Packs- each collection contains hyper-realistic, true-to-the-original recording presets for 20 of my favorite worship songs! 

I've meticulously modeled each patch to sound EXACTLY like the original sounds on each worship song, and included:

• Complex splits and layers, so you don't have to change patches mid song

• I've added all of the vintage/main keyboard parts as well, including custom piano, Rhodes, and organ sounds for each song. Some of these presets would go great on just about any song, not just worship tunes

• Custom-mapped controls to every preset for on the fly tweaking

I also include a free Mainstage setup guide, with special tricks I've learned to significantly reduce the amount of processing power you need to run Mainstage.

If you'd like to get a copy of all 20 sounds and the quick start guide, click here. And be sure to share this blog with anyone you know that play worship music!

Check out the video below to see a  quick demo of all the worship patches:


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