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8 Steps to Effective Practicing

One of the things I've discovered over the summer is how important practice technique is. to help you get better, I've written down 8 steps that can help any musician get better at practicing piano:

Pre practice: set a timer to the amount of time you plan on practicing (a kitchen timer works well for this).

1. Write out a list of the things you'd like to work on throughout the week. Make sure to include scales, technique songs (sight-reading, theory, etc) and then specific songs you're trying to conquer.

2. Start at the top of your goal sheet, play straight through to the bottom.

3. Play scales. Start slow, speed up each time. Play at least 4x on each scale.

4. Play your first song slowly, with a metronome, straight through.

5. Circle sections that you had trouble with. Play each section slowly at least 8x.

6. Play the whole song again 2x, with metronome, getting faster each time. If needed, repeat step 5.

7. Play all songs on your goal sheet, using steps 4-6.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 until timer sounds.

To maintain musical growth throughout the summer, make sure you're following this method- it'll help you maximize their time, stay focused, and progress faster. Good luck!


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