Mainstage Mondays: Stress Testing Your Rig

Mainstage is amazing, but it sucks up your CPU and memory like a Hoover vacuum sucks dirt. Here are 5 ways to stress test your rig before you hit the stage: 


1. Quit all programs, then slowly launch programs until your machine stops running smoothly. This will give you an idea of where your machine’s thresholds are at, and let you know if you need to quit more programs. 


2. Simulate potential accidents onstage. Unplug audio interfaces and controllers, close and open the laptop screen, and anything else that you might think could happen onstage. 


3. Change patches quickly. Because Mainstage sustains your sounds from previous patches (great feature!) it can also drain CPU and RAM to switch through patches. 


4. Test all knobs and controls on your midi keyboard. Make sure the mappings are all correctly placed, and easily accessible. 


5. Quit and restart Mainstage. Make sure everything stays the same when you relaunch your project.