Free Music: "Merry Little Christmas" Cover

I don't consider myself a jazz pianist, but I've learned quite a bit from dabbling in the style, mostly mimicking great pianists like Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, and Duke Ellington. I find jazz relaxing, and a welcome break from the 80's tinged rock I've been playing with the TSO group.

Tonight I was polishing my jazz chops for some shows , and I pressed record long enough to catch this improvisational version of "Merry Little Christmas". I even made it to free to download- no strings attached. Consider it an early Christmas present. 

If you like it, share it with as many friends as you want. If you'd like me to play christmas music at your party this year, give me an email. I still have a few dates open in December.

Here's wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!