Mainstage Mondays: Creating A Basic Layer

I love to go deep with Mainstage, but I forget that sometimes the most basic tasks are the hardest to find answers for online. So today I thought I’d cover how to create a basic layer in Mainstage.


1. Open Mainstage. Select the keyboard template (this process works with any template that includes software instruments). 


2. In the channel strip window, select a piano channel strip instead of the stock electric piano channel strip. 


3. Once you’ve done that, click on the “+” button in the channel strip window. 


4. Select instrument, then create.


5. In the Instrument Channel Strip Inspector window at the bottom of the window, select synthesizer>pad>classic analog pad. 


6. You should now see two layers, one green and one yellow, above the piano in the main window. Voila! You have a layered pad! 

7. Adjust the volume, EQ, and other parameters in the Channel Strips window to get the layered sound that works best for you.