12 Tricks For Amazing Sight-Reading Skills


Sight-reading is still a vital part of being a great musician. Here’s 12 ways to get better at it: 


12. Imagine the entire melody in your head before playing the song


11. Play straight-through without any pauses 


10. Clap rhythms before you play the song


9. Count along while clapping the rhythms, for even better results


8. Use a metronome while sight-reading to keep on track


7. After playing, circle sections that you want to work on later 


6. Use a good sight-reading book 


5. Play slowly enough that you can get almost 100% of the notes correct


4. Start practicing with simple songs 


3. Relax while playing quick sections


2. Count while sight-reading


1. MOST IMPORTANT: Do a little bit of sight reading every day to keep up your chops