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Mainstage Mondays- Assigning Midi Controllers to Mainstage 3’s Front Panel


As many of you know, I’m an avid fan of Mainstage 3 for live use- if you haven’t bought a copy yet, be sure to pick one up for $29.99 on the Mac App Store. (note: I am not compensated in any way for recommending Mainstage. It’s just that great.) 


1. Open Mainstage. Select a project you’d like to use. 


2. Make sure that you’ve connected your midi controller (you should see midi CC numbers coming in on the top dash of Mainstage if it’s properly connected)


3. Click on the button in the RH corner of the screen labeled “Assign and Map”.


4. Click on the on-screen control you’d like to map to your midi controller (note: if you want to make concert level maps that apply no matter which preset you select, click on the folder icon in the LH corner of the screen first, then begin mapping.) 


5. Move/push the controller you’d like to use. It should now be mapped. 


6. Repeat. 


Important: if you’re using “smart” controls, you’ll need to map the midi controllers for each patch to control the smart panel. 

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