One of my wife’s friends died this last week after a two year battle with cancer. In the back of her Bible they found some notes of what she wanted to accomplish in life. Highlighted at the top of her list was a seemingly simple request: “make an impact on at least one person’s life”. 


As hundreds of cars poured into the church parking lot for the funeral, I don’t think she ever realized just how much of an effect she’d had on so many people. Person after person stood up, talking about how she had impacted their lives. Her honestly lived, simple lifestyle had made huge impressions on literally thousands of people in a profound way. 


Impact is an incredibly subjective concept, and popularity has very little to do with it. Integrity, compassion, and the love and grace you give counts far more. Danielle understood this, and based her life around it.


Rest in peace, Danielle. We’ll miss you.