Mainstage Mondays: Running Mainstage In Mono, Updated

About a year ago I wrote a blog explaining how to run Mainstage in mono live. With the release of Mainstage 3.1, a lot of the little things changed in Mainstage, including how to run Mainstage in mono. Here’s the new and improved way to do it:


1. Open Mainstage. Navigate to the Channel Strips window on the RH side of the screen. Scroll over to the channel strip marked Output 1-2. 


2. At the top of the output channel strip, there are two interlocking circles. Click them once. 


3. You now have two identical and separate mono outputs running out of your audio interface. To switch back to stereo, just click the circle icon on the top of the channel strip. 


It’s that easy! With all the extra time you have left over from this super-short tutorial, you should browse my new patches page. Go on, you know you want to.