Mainstage Mondays: Free Double Sheet Music Template

This week I'm giving away a free Mainstage template! This awesome new template allows you to add and view two separate pages of sheet music or text, while still maintaining everything in my other templates except the smart controls. Here's a list of features: 

• A double type/sheet music area on the screen, letting you add either a type-based chord chart or a PDF document to your screen. If you’d like to know how to use it, email me and I’ll send you a free step-by-step guide.


• Several mappable buttons, including next patch, previous patch, start playback track, fade playback track, tap tempo, and a panic button to disable all audio in case of emergency.


• A huge 30-patch display for patch and song selection


• A large CPU meter to keep track of your processor’s speed during performances


• An in-concert clock for keeping track of time


To download the template, just click here. If you like the template and want to donate something, you can always do it here