5 Ways To Stay Productive On the Road

As I ramp up my travel schedule, I’m constantly learning new ways to stay productive while on the road. Here are 5 quick ways to keep your business running: 


5. Develop new skills while traveling with audiobooks. There’s a ton of great books out there on mp3, and if you’re the one driving you’ll have plenty of time to kill behind the wheel. 


4. Make a list of people to call before you leave, then call them on the road. I recommend using a hands-free or bluetooth headset, so you can stay focused on the road. 


3. If you’re not the one driving, create a todo list of all your tasks that you can complete with a laptop. Grouping tasks like email, blogging, and other niggling online tasks are great things to do in the car. 


2. Catch up on your reading. Traveling’s a great time to catch up on reading, and a perfect time to explore ideas you might not have time for throughout your usual week. 


1. Brainstorm. Moving around the country gets my creative juices flowing, and a change of scenery might just be the thing to help you gain some perspective on your projects.