Funny Music Story #3: A Bug's Life

Another early gig was with an outreach event for a church we attended. They needed a keyboardist for a huge event they were planning, and had even rented out a 700 seat amphitheater. I was excited- I'd never played for that many people before. 


The day of the event was a disaster from the beginning. It drizzled rain all day long, and when we walked onstage to start the set, there were a whopping 10 people in the massive amphitheater. Halfway through the set, I thought that it had started hailing, and a few of the hail pieces had fallen down my shirt.

Turns out that it was June bugs. They'd been stunned in the overhead lights, dropping down on the band mid set to recover. As they came back to life, they'd start crawling up our bodies. I had several down my shirt, and I spent the rest of the set trying to play and work them out of my shirt at the same time. 


Takeaway: the show must go on. And at all costs, stripping at a worship concert is not an option.