Happy 3rd Birthday, Blog! (Also, happy birthday to me)

I can't believe it- I've been writing this blog now for 3 years as of today. Every single week, for 3 years, I've put out at least one blog on music, life, inspiration, time management, marketing, and Mainstage. It's been a crazy run.

 3 years ago I started this blog from a couch. My foot was in a cast after a nasty car accident, and this blog was a wonderful outlet. So many of you reached out, contributing your voice and sharing your thoughts with me. I really, really value that. 

By sheer coincidence, the anniversary of this blog misses my birthday by two days. Instead of getting me a birthday gift, I'm asking my friends to donate to an incredibly worthy cause on my behalf.

My brother, Christian Barfield, runs a not-for-profit theater company called Providence Fine Arts Center that helps youth learn about drama (the good kind, honest). They're raising funds for an upcoming production in the spring to cover costs. Any contribution, even a dollar, would make a big difference to a program working on such a tight budget. Would you do that for me? You can click here to donate.

Happy birthday, friends. I'm so glad you're part of the circle of giving.