Pensado’s Place and Finding Your Niche


I recently started watching Pensado’s Place, a youtube show about audio engineering and creating music. The show started small about 5 years ago, and has grown to a following of over 135,000 subscribers and millions of plays. It amazing to see a show that caters only to professional audio engineers get so many views each month.


This show is addictive. It’ s the perfect blend of information, witty banter, and great advice that audio engineers and producers crave. Think “The View”, but for geeks that live in dark musty recording studios. 


Pensado’s Place would have never been popular enough to make it on even the tiniest cable television network. But online, it’s found a thin slice of the world that deeply cares about what they have to say. 


Your music/ministry/talents is a Pensado’s Place. Almost nobody is going to “get” what you do. But a few people will. Our mission should be to seek out those few people that care about what we offer, and build a meaningful relationship with them. 

Let's dig deep into the niche and see how far down it goes.