Why to Lead, Why Not To Lead

Reasons to lead: 



• You’re passionate about what an organization stands for. 


• You’re the most qualified person available. 


• You deeply respect the other members of the group, and value their input. 



Reasons not to lead: 


• You want to overhaul everything about a group. 


• You think you can run it better than everyone else. 


• You enjoy the importance and attention that comes with being a leader. 



This last week I took on the role of co-leader at a music meet up group in Nashville, TN. The group is called Balanced Breakfast, and is part of an international collection of similar groups that meet once a week to talk about music. Each wednesday we meet at a coffeehouse to encourage each other, get advice about career decisions, and support each other as we try to find our place in the music industry. 


I’ll be honest, I really didn’t want to lead. It’s so much more fun to just show up and consume. But last week when the former leader stepped down (she landed a full time job in a music management company), they asked me. I humbly accepted, and am excited about the future for this tiny group of motivated, generous musicians. 


As I step into what I would consider my first leadership role in any organization, I’m focusing VERY hard on the above bullet points. It’s easy to become a leader for all the wrong reasons. We have to work every day to humbly lead, to stay focused on the group and not our own selfish needs. 


On a side note, if you’re in Nashville on Wednesdays, stop by! It’s free to come, and we always have great conversations. Write me for more details.