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MainStage Mondays: Teaser Of What I’ve Been Working On For 6 Months

MainStage Mondays: Teaser Of What I’ve Been Working On For 6 Months

I’m planning on releasing some a big MainStage update in the next few weeks (I’m finishing up the last bits of programming now), and I wanted to tell you a little bit about it. Not to be too over the top, but I think what we’ve created is going to be a game changer for MainStage users. 


About 6 months ago I had a pretty disastrous gig with MainStage, and ever since then I’ve been working on creating a MainStage project that would fix a lot of the problems I had live. I created several experimental MainStage patches and got a lot of feedback from you on how to make it better. While I was happy with how the patches sounded, there were still several areas that needed improvement. 



Here’s the problems I’ve been trying to fix in MainStage for the last six months: 


• How do you make an interface that has tons of information, but isn’t overwhelming? 


• How do you give hands on control to every single MainStage user, not just those that purchase a specific controller? 


• How do you make it easy to see what parameters you’re controlling live? 


• How do you create a template that is universal enough to match the controls on musician’s keyboards? 


• How do you keep MainStage CPU efficient enough to not crash while running huge numbers of channel strips? 


• How do you make it obvious what sounds you’re using in your patch? 



After over 100 hours of tweaking, pitching stuff that didn’t work, and mapping literally thousands of parameters, I’m down to my last stage of developing my sounds before they go live. Here’s a few pictures of some of the interface: 




If you’d like to be one of the first people to see the finished product when it’s released, sign up for my email newsletter today here. Can’t wait to share this with you! 

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