MainStage Mondays: Saving Presets

One of the problems some of my users run into is saving there presets at a specific value, then having them switch when they go back to them. For instance, you might want to have a cutoff set at a certain place. You make the adjustment, switch patches, but the next time you go back to your patch it’s back in the wrong position. Here’s how to get around this problem: 


1. Open MainStage. Select a template. 

Screenshot 2016-12-12 10.27.00.png


2. Click on a control and adjust it. I’m going to adjust the Bell volume amount. 

Screenshot 2016-12-12 10.27.26.png


3. Under the Screen Control Inspector, select “Bell Volume”. The saved value at this point is 1.00, which is what the knob will reset to once I switch patches unless I save the patch. 

Screenshot 2016-12-12 10.27.52.png


4. Use Command-S to save your patch. 


When you switch back from another preset, the value should stay the same. 


That’s it- good luck!