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My Top 5 VST Plugins 

There are a ton of amazing plugins out there for making music, and I thought you’d get a kick out of hearing about some of my favorites. Here are 5 of my favorite plugins that have me excited right now: 



1. Wave Audio’s Electric 88


Wave surprised me with this little $39.99 electric piano recreation when they released it last year, and it’s quickly become my favorite electric piano sample plugin. The samples feel old and vibey (in the best way possible), and the FX are spot on. 



2. LASS Strings Library


These guys are beasts when it comes to strings, and I find myself using the samples on sessions constantly. These samples have so much presence in a mix, it’s hard to go to anything else once you’ve heard them. If you can’t afford the full version, check out the “lite” version.



3. Native Instrument’s Kontour Synth


This is a little known plugin that I’ve grown to really enjoy playing. It offers lots of modern FM-style synthesis sounds, and has some interesting hands on control. While limited, I find it to be really inspiring in the studio when I need to get a certain kind of sound. 



4. Output’s Reverse 


I keep coming back to this beast of a plugin because of the amazing textures it’s possible to get out of the strange reversed sounds. Drop a reverb plugin on this bad boy, and you’re headed direct to ambient city. 



5. TAL’s U-No LX Synth


In my opinion this is the best recreation of a classic Juno 106 synth currently on the market, and I use it anytime I need that cutting pure sound that made the original synth famous. If you can’t afford the full version, grab the free chorus plugin- it gives a lot of the same vibes as the original when you put it on any sound source. 

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