That’s really the only thing you need to do. And I’ve struggled with it my whole career. 


When I show up for something, I struggle to relax. Whether it’s a conversation or a gig, I tend to want to push forward. No time for chit chat- we’re on a mission here. 


Relaxing is vital on so many levels. Nobody likes to be around someone who is amped 24/7, and burn out happens constantly when you’re running hot all the time. In the push forward to accomplish, I often miss the little subtleties of the moment. The people I know who are good at relaxing (and yes, I believe it’s a developed skill) know how to be totally present in the moment. 


Not only does this make them power down their energy levels and recharge, but it also helps them do amazing stuff through being fully present when they’re back at work. I’m envious of that skill.


I’m thankful for my personality, and it’s served me well in my chosen profession. But sometimes I’ve got to remember it’s okay to kick back, grab a cup of coffee, and relax a bit. 

P.S. As a part of this mission, I'm going to be posting one blog this week instead of usual two. If you're going to talk the talk . . . : )