The Big Break Myth

Most musicians are waiting for their big break. That one gig that will launch their career, that will change everything. 

Why do we all think this way? Because we've been told since we were little children that if you're good enough, you'll get picked by something like American Idol and your career will be catapulted to long term success.  

It's a lie. 

Big breaks don't exist. Like needing a haircut, "big breaks" seem to appear out of nowhere overnight. They've actually been building slowly for years (or decades) at a painfully slow rate that's usually not even visible to the outside.

Don't worry. It's not your job to know when that final tipping point will happen. 

Big breaks are the result of a fanatical devotion to building something worthwhile. Launching your career is getting up every morning for decades and doing good work.