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5 Great Software Things For Musicians

I’m a bit of a software junkie, and there’s been some really cool software stuff I’ve been using lately. Here’s a quick list of 5 new software toys I’ve really enjoyed over the last month: 



1. Steven Slate’s Everything Bundle


At $15 a month, the bang for the buck is with Slate Audio’s audio plugin bundle is staggering. You get a huge array of the best sounding compressors, limiters, EQ, reverb and a lot more that can literally transform your mixing. I’ve been subscribed for a year, and it’s incredible how having great plugins like these can change the game for your producing chops. (Pro tip: I use their FG-Stress, a replication of the Distressor unit, on so much it’s stupid)



2. ForScore Sheet Music Viewer


I’ve blogged about it in the past, but the ForScore app for iPad keeps being one of my most important apps. In the last few years it’s gotten even easier to use, they’ve added the ability to send program change messages to keyboards for patch switching, and more. 



3. SoundToys 5


Soundtoys 5 is a bundle of the best producer-type effects in the world, and getting this in December has taken my sound design up a notch. If you can afford it, consider picking up a copy. 



4. Apple Notes


It seems dumb that Apple’s Notes app makes the list, but it’s really that cool. It syncs to all of my charts, hand written notes, audio and more between all of my devices, and it’s amazing how helpful that can be. If you’re a musician and an apple user, Notes has quickly become the best shot at organizing your life. 



5. Logic Pro 10.4


The new update to Logic Pro adds a fantastic new reverb, great new sampled instruments, and much more. Even if you’re a Pro Tools guy, Logic Pro is worth having for some of the amazing stuff that’s possible to do. 


What’s your favorite software to use? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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