7 Tips For Getting More Done On The Road

7 Tips For Getting More Done On The Road

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the road this summer with different bands, and as usual I can’t stand going out without messing around with some experiment or another. This summer’s theme has been getting all non-essential work (email, blogging, even some producing) done from the back of a tour bus or van on the road. 

5 Tips For Beating A Deadline

Musicians are almost always working on tight deadlines for most projects, and that’s especially true for those of us with competing time commitments outside of music that we have to balance. Here are some of strategies for beating the clock: 


1. Pre plan. 


Schedule out what you have to do for the entire project, then give yourself margin (note: I’m terrible at the margin part, but I’m learning). By building out a strategy that includes space for unexpected twists in the project, your odds go up of finishing on time.


2. Make a list.


Build a list of all the specific things you need to do in a particular day to get your project done, then use the list as a guide for how to group your work day. the more you can group similar activities, the more efficient you can be. 


3. Set a timer. 


I like to use my phone or an actual egg timer for 25 minutes. By having the timer there, I tend to stay focused on getting done what I need to get done on time. 


4. Every 25 minutes get up and move. 


This will “reset” your mental focus, encourage creativity, and keep you from chasing unproductive rabbit trails. I personally like to use my Apple watch to work out for 2-3 minutes, and then get water or a healthy snack in the remaining 2 minutes before I sit back down.


5. When you sit down, reevaluate. 


Take under a minute to make sure that you’re on the right track with what you’re working on, and make any adjustments that you need to before proceeding. This will help you stay much more productive and on track for your original goal. 

Never Miss A Gig Again: 5 Email Tips For Musicians

Never Miss A Gig Again: 5 Email Tips For Musicians

I’d done it again: a booking agent I’d been courting for months had emailed me. Only problem? It had sat unread for two weeks in my overgrown email inbox, smashed between ads for Viagra and the semi-weekly Dunkin Donuts newsletter. I’d missed out on a huge opportunity because. . . I couldn’t manage my email. Lame.


If you’re a musician struggling with email overload, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t be the 18 year old irresponsible me in the above story. Here are 5 ways I cleaned up, and have been able to keep my inbox down to a handful of important messages every week: