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30 things musicians can do for their career in 30 seconds or less

I've been house breaking a puppy over the last week, and it's been amazing how your time gets broken up into little chunks. So I've made a list of things musicians can do to improve your career in 30 seconds or less:

30. Comb your hair into an emo "swoop"
29. Update your website with pictures of your new look.
28. Tweet something cool about an upcoming show.
27. Tweet something about your favorite charity.
26. Send a "thinking of you" email to a venue owner.
25. Tune your guitar. This time, before you record for an hour.
24. Check to make sure all of your cables are in your bag before you drive 5 hours to the show.
23. Smile at someone you don't know at a local show. Just because.
22. Buy tickets to go hear a great band that's coming to town. You might learn a lot.
21. Post on the page of one of your fans.
20. Check the air in your tires. It could save you as much as 10-20 dollars in gas mileage if they're properly filled.
19. Give up smoking, and start a gear fund.
18. Give up pot. Seriously.
17. Put up a show poster.
16. Play video games for 30 seconds. Then put it away for the rest of the day.
15. Buy sheet music from your favorite band.
14. Plan out a rough schedule for the day. Don't be afraid to break it- just use it as a guide.
13. Make a list of all the things you need to do with your career. Then do just three of them, as fast as you can.
12. Put an old piece of equipment on eBay. Use the cash to update your stuff.
11. Lay down and relax.
10. Practice just the section that you're struggling with in your song. Nothing else.
9. Call that person that you need to call, but have been putting off.
8. Get your big dreams down on paper. Sum it up in one sentence.
7. Throw away those old chucks. Seriously.
6. Do a favor for someone that's in a position to help you. Ask/expect nothing in return.
5. Don't say something stupid.
4. Make that really hard decision you've been putting off.
3. Call the three people you would love to work with, and ask them if you could jam with them.
2. Be kind to everyone.
1. Make your whole career about helping others.

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