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Mainstage Mondays: Creating a Hardware/Software Keyboard Rig

I love Mainstage, but like all software, there’s the chance that it could crash live. I love hardware, but it lacks a lot of the functionality and power that software synths offer. Starting last year, I made a decision that if I could help it, I would never rely completely on just hardware or software exclusively, and I started developing a hybrid rig that had redundancy, reliability, and a ton of sonic power. Here’s how I did it: 

Mainstage Mondays: Creating Amazing Pads With Sculpture

Sculpture has the unique ability to simulate real textures (i.e. glass, wood, nylon, and steel) and then animate or “play” them using awesome methods (everything from string simulations to gravity plucks). In this week’s blog we’re going to focus on using Sculpture to make atmospheric pads for worship. Here’s how to get started: