Complete Instrument Collection

Complete Instrument Collection

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Looking to get started with great sounding instruments in MainStage? I've custom-designed 9 instrument packs to give you sounds that are authentic, easy to use, and have just the right amount of hands-on control live. 

Here's what you get with this pack: 

• Piano Pack- a specially designed piano collection with tons of vibe, great playability, and multiple atmospheric and upright pianos. 

• Strings Pack- custom-designed string patches designed for live playability, covering everything from staccato to mellotron strings.

• Organs Pack- these organs range from gritty B3, to smooth preacher chord patches. There's control over everything from drawbars to filter leakage. 

• Electric Pianos Pack- vintage Wurlitzers, Rhodes, and other authentic sounding electric pianos run through amp cabinets. 

• Atmospheric Pads Pack- pads designed for modern rock, worship, and electronica.

• Electro-Mechanical Pack- these are swampy sounding electric pianos, organs, and mellotrons with tons of 1960's personality, including tube distortion and spring reverb.

• Ethnic Pack- need bagpipes, tin whistles, and a sitar? This pack has you covered on all those obscure world instruments you just can't find. 

• Alchemy Pack- presets for the Alchemy synth, MainStage's most powerful synth ever. These presets focus on modern EDM, trance, and dance sounds, with a few massive pads thrown in for good measure. 

• Synths and Leads Pack- all the synth sounds from top 40 hits in one preset pack, including cutting leads, arpeggiated synths, and dance floor hits. 

• Affected Pianos Pack- a carefully crafted slightly hallucinogenic take on treated pianos, using just MainStage's Steinway grand piano.

• 5 Free MainStage Templates- I've included my Basic Template, Big Clock Template, Double Sheet Music Template, Sheet Music Template, and Simple Template.

• Free Optimization Guide- this will help you save up to 30% of your CPU, and help you get started with MainStage.