Ultimate Worship Patch

Ultimate Worship Patch

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Representing a new approach to creating patches in MainStage, this 4 instrument patch allows you to play up to 4 instruments at the same time or individually, while giving you hands on control of FX, volume, and a lot more. Check out the below video for all the details. 

What you get:

• One 4 instrument patch with 42 hands-on controls

• Instrument 1 features a custom-designed compressed european grand piano

• Instrument two is an ES2 synth pad perfect for worship 

• Instrument three is a Rhodes 73' electric piano, with a customized amp modeler, spring reverb, and delay

• Instrument four is a B3 organ with full drawbar control mapping tweaked for modern worship songs

• A custom Mainstage concert with the patch pre-loaded

• The quick start guide to optimizing and using MainStage

• Instant access to a downloadable link as soon as you purchase. No waiting for shipping! 

*MainStage sold separately. You can pick up a copy for $29.99 here.