Ultimate Pianos Pack

Ultimate Pianos Pack

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Representing a new approach to creating patches in MainStage, the Ultimate Pianos Pack lets you switch between two beautifully crafted pianos to find just the right tone, while giving you hands on control of FX, volume, and a lot more. Check out the below video for all the details. 

What you get:

• 10 custom-built piano patches (two sounds per patch) for a total of 20 custom piano sounds

• 42 hands knobs, buttons, and sliders for hands on control of volume, reverb, cutoff, and much more

• CPU and RAM saving programming, including automatic plugin disable when you're not using a tone

• A custom B3 organ with full drawbar control mapping on every patch

• A custom Mainstage concert with the patch pre-loaded

• 5 free MainStage templates, including Big Clock, Sheet Music, Double Sheet Music, Simple, and Ultimate Templates

• The quick start guide to optimizing and using MainStage

• Instant access to a downloadable link as soon as you purchase. No waiting for shipping! 

*MainStage sold separately. You can pick up a copy for $29.99 here.