Eric performs "Beautifully Broken" with John Berry on the Mike Huckabee show:


Eric currently plays keys for Grammy winning country singer John Berry and other artists. Eric's career has included working with American Idol winning pop artist Kris Allen, Dove-award nominees Meredith Andrews (Vertical Church Band) Matt Maher, and Lindsay McCaul. Eric lives with his beautiful wife Sarah, his two-year-old son Jackson, and their two Siberian Huskies in East Nashville.


Artists I've played with:


Become an expert: get rid of your gear 

We live in a technological golden era. Gear is cheap (compared to the past), and there’s literally hundreds of options for everything from sustain pedals to analog synths. 

3 Tales From The Road

A few of you have requested I share more stories from the road. Here’s three short ones to keep you entertained, along with a self-righteous moral: 

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