Eric currently tours with Grammy winning CCM artists Francesca Battistelli and Rebecca St. James. Eric's career has included working with American Idol winning pop artist Kris Allen, CCM Meredith Andrews (Vertical Church Band), and Grammy winning country artist John Berry. Eric lives with his beautiful wife Sarah, his son Jackson, and their two Siberian Huskies in East Nashville.


Artists I've worked with:


Internal Vs External Work
Blogging + Creativity+ Community

I always used to wonder why there weren’t more musicians and artists that blogged, and now I’m beginning to see why. They’re so darn busy all the time. 

A 10 Year Diary

I was thinking back over the last 10 years (this time of year makes me nostalgic) and feeling thankful for some of the things I’ve found along the way. Here’s a sketch of what’s interested me musically in each year: 

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