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Greetings from Nashville! 

We're Marc Frigo and Eric Barfield, and we'd love to help you accomplish your musical dreams.

Eric is a music producer and keyboard player that's worked with Grammy winning artists, and Marc is a multi platinum selling mix engineer. Together we've formed a one-stop shop for artists looking to transform their songs and demos into award-winning music. 

We'd love to talk to you about working together on your next project. All estimates are free and no strings attached. Let's start the conversation today! 




Marc Frigo

TITLE: Mix Engineer, Recording Engineer, Producer, and Husband and Father of 2.


I GREW UP IN: Chicago, IL


CREDITS: The Indigo Girls, Jewel, Letters to Cleo, Future Leaders of the World, Nelson, and many other major artists. I also recorded and mixed the song "Larry Boy" featuring Nicole C. Mullen for the "Veggie Tales" children's video series.


CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: working with and learning from some incredibly talented and legendary producers such as Don Was, Jay Joyce, Peter Collins, T-Bone Burnett, Tony Brown, etc, and making some amazing and iconic records with them.


INTERESTS: fitness, travel, movies, cars, motorcycles, and family time.


BACK STORY: I grew up loving music from a young age, as it was always playing in my home. I also had a love for stereos, electronics, and gadgets. Recording and mixing music seemed to be the perfect blend of those passions. After going through an audio engineering program, I arrived in Nashville in 1991 and got a job cleaning and helping out around a recording studio. Within a year, I was working on records with major label artists every day.




Eric Barfield

TITLE: music producer, keyboard player, and Siberian husky owner. 

I GREW UP IN: St. Louis, MO. 

CREDITS: pop artist Kris Allen (American Idol Winner), CCM artists and Grammy winners Matt Maher, Francesca Battistelli, and Meredith Andrews, and country artist/Grammy winners John Berry, Rhonda Vincent, and Tracy Lawrence

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: playing the Ryman Auditorium, playing the Grand Ole Opry, and working with passionate musicians at all stages of their career.  

INTERESTS: hiking, biking, travel, great food, and spending time with my wife and family. 

BACK STORY: I grew up dorky and homeschooled, and never fully outgrew the dorky. After high school, I toured in an original pop/rock band for about 6 years with my brother, then moved to Nashville with my wife in 2014. I've been working as a sideman, music producer, and keyboard player with artists ever since. 





Step 1: The Interview 


As soon as you call, email, or form, we'll get back to you within 24 hours to talk about what your vision is for the track. Once we've heard you, we'll create a game plan (which includes a quote) and get started on creating your masterpiece.




Step 2: Music Production


Once we receive files of your music from you, Eric will begin production work on your track. Once he has it sketched out, you'll receive a pre-mix copy for your approval. You also get the option for one free revision at this stage, as well. 


Step 3: Mixing/Mastering


Once you've approved the production, Marc will begin taking Eric's tracks and creating a final mix. Once the mix is finished, you'll get a mix for you to approve.


Step 4: Final Revisions


As in the music production step, you're allowed one free revision of the mix before Marc masters it. Once you approve the final mix, you'll receive a link to download your master files. 


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