In Defense of Good Enough

I find an increasing obsession in our culture with being brilliant. If you're not absolutely mind blowing at what you do, your worthless and you should find another line of work. This is particularly true in the field of music- if you're not top of your class, you're probably not working.

The sad part is, only a fraction of us are truly brilliant, and nobody can be brilliant at everything. Leonardo Da Vinci, the quintessential renaissance man, had tremendous difficulties maintaining relationships or finishing work (his customers constantly complained about it). Cezanne, one of the greatest impressionist painters, was miserably bad at almost everything else- he was especially terrible at marketing his own work, and eked out a tiny living selling his paintings to his friends and family.

In a culture with so many choices of who to hire, we often forget that while it's important to have specialized skills, we still need to be "good enough" at the essentials- balancing a checkbook, gathering information on the internet, typing, etc. You don't have to be amazing at something in order for it to be worthwhile, or even profitable.

Make sure you take time to develop all those things you aren't amazing at this week. It's really is okay to be good enough.