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5 Things Every Musician Need To Hear Over the Holidays

The holiday season can be very hard on musicians- most of us spend the holidays focusing on shows, and as a result we often don't get to take off much time to celebrate. Here's my top 6 things I'd love to have people to say to me:

Your work is worthwhile

One of the biggest things that musicians need to hear is that what we do matters, that we have a profession just like everyone else's livelihood. Often people see musicians as hobbyists- we're not. We work insanely hard to pay the bills, and we don't need people treating us like starry-eyed teenagers dreaming of a being a rock stars. Treating us with the some respect makes a huge difference.

You don't have to play a special for the family

It's amazing how often I'm asked to perform for parties I attend. I appreciate people trying to include me, but sometimes I just want to not be "on the clock". Would you ask an engineer to draw engine diagrams at a party?

You don't have to get me an expensive gift

Musicians don't make much money, period. Not feeling pressure to buy all 6 of your kids expensive gifts makes us feel like we're not financial failures.

We love you. Period.

Sometimes there’s an expectation that people care about me because of what I do or don’t do. I love it when family members remind me that they love me, no matter if I’m famous or down in the gutter. It’s who I am who really counts.

Here’s a big pile of cash.

Who doesn’t love hearing this? Seriously, giving 5 dollars to a musician makes a much bigger impact than giving 5 dollars to an attorney- we usually have so little cash reserves, giving even a small amount can literally make a musician’s night.

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