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Be There, Be Ready

Music is one of the most emotionally difficult professions to be in- it constantly feels like you're either the best or the worst in the world.

If you're the best, you're getting paid like a pro athlete. If you're not great, you're struggling just to make rent every month. There are very few artists that get to live in that happy medium between both extremes.

Lately I've been fighting the feeling of being in the latter category. I'm making a decent living doing what I love, but lately I've been in a lull between doing really incredible stuff musically.

My wife Sarah helped me put it in perspective the other night when I was a bit depressed. She reminded me that the only thing that really matters is if I'm trying. I can't make that record exec call me back, I can't force a band to hire me for the summer tour, all I can do is be there, and be ready to go. She reminded me to keep knocking on doors, to keep honing my chops, and to not worry about the outcome.

I can't do anything about it, anyway.

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How to Play Nice with Singer Songwriters