Selling Music is a Little Like Selling Newspapers. . .

I did something yesterday that almost none of my generation do- I picked up a newspaper.

It had been years since I last read through this remnant of a bygone era, and I was surprised at how drastically this newspaper had cut the amount of content they offered. Out of a 20 pages, there were a total of 4 articles sandwiched in between all the advertisements. As I perused the pages, I couldn't help but think, how could you make it cool again to subscribe to a paper?

For starters, it would have to look cool- innovating the overall design would be a great place to begin. Then add a lot of content you just can't find anywhere else. Turn newspaper subscription into a badge of honor- you have to be cultured and smart to subscribe to our newspaper. And maybe even a little well-to-do.

In a world full of digital pixels, people are craving a very few real, physical objects that symbolize who they are. And they're not afraid to pay a premium for it, if they really do want it.

As musicians, let's make sure that we provide a great digital experience for our customers, but also give them the option to have amazing physical objects for them to hold up as a symbol of who they are, and what they value.