7 Things You Need At Shows

It never fails- it’s always the thing that I’m hunting for in my gear bag that I’ve left at home. Perhaps that’s why I’ve become a list nazi when it comes time to pack my gear. Here’s 7 things that always make my list no matter what gig I’m doing: 


7. Batteries. Even if you don’t use them, bring some. Someone always needs batteries, particularly 9v. 


6. High-protein snack. Low blood sugar kills your groove, and that’s why I try to have a pack of almonds or peanuts with me at every show.


5. Headphones/earbuds. These work great for line-checking gear before you patch into the main system, and you’ll be able to listen to music in between shows. 


4. Pen and paper. Even if you have a computer or iPhone onstage, still bring it along. I often find myself charting stuff for other musicians last minute, and handing someone a piece of paper is much easier than giving them your laptop. 


3. Headphone extender/adapter. Again, this is one of those troubleshooters. In a pinch, you can even use a headphone extender to extend your 1/4th inch audio cable from your gear.


2. Water bottle. Staying hydrated at shows is vital, especially if you’re singing. 


1. Comfortable shoes. Wear them while you’re setting up, and then switch to your fashionable shoes before you take the stage.