10 Really Useful Things Musicians Can Do With Their iPhone (Instead of Playing Video Games

10. They can tune their instruments using this free tuner. 


9. No more losing contact info. Musicians can keep track of everyone’s info using apple’s built-in contacts app


8. They can send group email to fans and keep track of how many people are on their email list with Mailchimp’s free app


7. They can take notes with the free Evernote app. I use it for keep track of set lists, names, and all kinds of other stuff. 


6. How loud is your sound system? You can know for 99 cents with this handy little app. 


5. Why buy a metronome when you can have one free on your phone? Here’s my favorite. 


4. You can change the pitch and speed music of music using the 99 cent Jam Player app. 


3. You can sell gear using just your iPhone’s camera and the free ebay app. 


2. Transcribe sheet music just by singing into your iPhone using the amazing app Scorecloud express.


1. Believe it or not, you can actually call people using the iPhone. And it’s probably the single most important tool a musician can have- a person-to-person direct conversation.