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20 Reasons Why You Should Use A Metronome

20 Reasons Why You Should Use A Metronome


As I’ve worked more as a professional musician, I’ve grown to appreciate just how important learning to play with a metronome can be. Here’s my top 20 reasons to use a metronome: 


20. It improves your rhythm


19. It makes your practicing more consistent


18. It forces you to listen to something other than your own playing


17. It’s a qualitative way to track your improvement over time


16. It makes you aware of timing issues throughout the song


15. It helps you stick with a drummer 


14. It makes you aware of playing songs faster than the songs intended to be played


13. It simplifies challenging rhythms


12. It forces you to work up a tempo sections in a song to the proper meter


11. It allows you to play with backing tracks live


10. It helps you do multi-take recording in the studio


9. With the proper software, it allows you to make real-time transcriptions of your music


8. It helps you stay with a band 


7. It can help you master obscure rhythms


6. When used in a band, it can make everyone more consistent rhythmically 


5. If you tap along with it, you can actually practice the rhythm of your songs without your instrument


4. It keeps you from slowing down when you play quiet sections in your song


3. It keeps you from speeding up during loud sections in your song


2. It makes you confident enough rhythmically to lead other musicians, and keep them on the beat


1. It helps you not suck



Now get out there, grab one for your smartphone or buy one, and get started improving today!  


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