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5 Ways to Mesh Your Music Career with a Personal Life

If you’re like me, I struggle to keep everything going each week. When you’re the boss, I find myself playing the role of marketer, salesman, content creator, logistics specialist, secretary, accountant, janitor, and when I’m really lucky, musician. 


Here’s 5 ways I try to combine work with personal life in a healthy way: 


5. Check out a band. Grab some friends and make a night of it by getting dinner beforehand. 


4. Ask a friend to grab coffee with you. Show up 30 minutes early to get work done. The deadline of your friend arriving will motivate you to work more efficiently. 


3. Never eat alone. You have to eat no matter how busy you are, so invite some friends for an hour lunch break. 


2. Take a business trip with friends/family. Set up a gig, interview, or any work related activity during your next vacation, and write the entire vacation off as a business expense. Even if you lose money on the show, you’ll still be able to write off your mileage and travel expenses. 


1. Collaborate with friends. Don’t work with people you don’t love being around, and you’ll always be surrounded by friends.

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