15 Signs You’re Working Too Hard

As musicians, the temptation is to work hard, then work a bit harder, and then we’re you’re done working, work some more. Here are 15 clues you might be burning out: 



15. You misplace items constantly


14.. You haven’t slept more than 8 hours in over a month


13.. You can’t concentrate for more than 30 seconds


12. You’re eating way too much junk food


11. You think you’ve lost your passion for music


10. You think you’ve lost your passion for anything


9. You can’t get to sleep


8. You can’t get out of bed


7. Your dreams are all about problems with your job


6. You’re starting to enjoy Yanni’s music


5. You aren’t hungry


4. Your body aches like you have a cold, but you don’t


3. You constantly find excuses to check Facebook 


2. You fantasize about sleeping


1. You work more than 60+ hours a week



I know this has been me for the last few weeks- anybody else? Leave a comment below: