Why You Should Pick Up the Phone

I just recently listened to an awesome interview with talented writer and marketer, Seth Godin. In the interview, he describes a time when he was teaching marketing at a university. 


During his course, he gave the class a simple challenge: stand up in front of the class, make a call to a complete stranger, and sell them a copy of Time Magazine.  There wasn’t any requirement to actually sell anything to the person on the phone – all he wanted them to do was make the call and try their best. 


A third of the class wouldn’t even attempt it. 


If you’re one of the rare people who actually makes the call, you already braver than a third of your competition. If you’re even remotely good at selling yourself, the advantage becomes even bigger. 


And if you’re lucky enough to believe in what you’re doing and communicate that vision clearly and compellingly, you’re in a tiny fraction of people in the music industry. 


Go ahead and pick up the phone. You’ve already got an advantage.