10 Things That Make a Music Website Rock

I’m no designer (and I’ve got evidence to back that up), but there’s some simple things most musicians miss when creating a website that anyone should know. Here’s my top 10:


10. Great spell-checked copy. If you’re not a good writer, hire someone to do this for you. People judge your intelligence on how clearly you write.


9. Professional photos and videos. Don’t settle for mediocre pictures- hire someone that knows what they’re doing. If you need help, I’d be happy to refer you to someone.


8. Clean design. You should be the focus of the website, not the flashy design. 


7. Submit your website to SEO search engines. If you need help with this, just google “SEO search engine optimization”.


6. Put what you do on the first page. Letting people know immediately what your specialty is will boost business.


5. Put your contact info on the first page, too. No one wants to hunt through your website to find your email address.


4. Don’t use high contrast text. That includes black on white, red on green, and a bunch of others that make your website hard on the eyes.


3. Post a short bio on your website. Don’t be afraid to showcase your accomplishments, but make sure it doesn’t come across as boasting. 


2. Use website metrics. Google offers a free website analytics program here.


1. Update content regularly. This is the most important factor in your SEO rankings, and keep people coming back to your website in the future.