3 Steps To The Best Practice Of Your Life

So you say you want to improve your practicing? Here’s what I do to up my practice technique, and get great results quickly: 


1. Play slowly straight through, without stopping. Play the song at a speed that can get you close to 100% accuracy. This will help you absorb the notes, and help build good fundamentals into your practicing.


2. Play slightly faster, and then stop and work on your “trouble” spots. Pick a group of measures you’re struggling with, and play them very slowly then progressively faster. Repeat this on each section several times. 


3. Play straight through again a little faster without stopping. This cements what you’ve learned in a larger context, and boosts your speed.


If you feel you still need work, repeat several times each practice. 


That’s it. I regularly work up 40 song sets for bands using this technique, and I’m convinced using this practice technique every day will radically change your music life. Good luck!