Mainstage Mondays: Free Alchemy Presets

Last week I released another collection of worship patches, and to help celebrate, I’m giving away 10 free Alchemy patches this week. Here’s a list of what I created: 


Cinematic Pad- an intense pad with a strong movie-esque feel. 


Saw Pad- a more traditionally analog pad with an in your face saw wave. 


Choir Pad- etherial, atmospheric pad with tons of filters. 


Basic Pad- the perfect no-nonsense pad for worship sets. 


Massive Pad- if you need an extreme build in a chorus, this is your patch.


Light Trance Keys- what you grab when you want a modern dance part, but don’t want it too intense. 


Plucky Synth: perfect for accents, this is great for small fills on verses.


Big Trance Synth: If you want to rock a dance floor or a modern worship set, stick this one in your set. 


Modular Synth Arp: if you know who Buchla is, you’ll love this patch. If you don’t, download the patch and get ready to have some fun. 



All you have to do to get this patch is email me. If you’d like to check out my other mainstage patches, click here.