7 Sneaky Ways To Get More Done

1. Outline your day while brushing your teeth. I like to go over my todos for the day every morning, and balance them with my other responsibilities. Using my iPhone’s calendar app, I then block in rough amounts of time into my day for each task. 


2. Listen to audiobooks while working out. I’ve literally read hundreds of books this way in the last two years. Sound expensive? There’s an app for that. Download the Overdrive media player , and you can listen to thousands of free books through the public library system. 


3. Start using Pocket to save great articles for further reading. Pocket is a free app that lets you store web content for further reading offline. I have a bunch of articles saved to it, and whenever I eat alone or have a few minutes I need to kill, I check my list.     


4. Use an RSS reader to cut through the media clutter. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Facebook sucks for content consumption. I use a free app called Feedly to get a customized free RSS feed from my favorite bloggers every day. 


5. Create a “short list” of todos. While it’s important to put big tasks on your list, make sure you have a few small items (i.e. stuff you can get done in 1-5 minutes) on there. Whenever you’re waiting on something, do one of these items.  


6. Bundle errands. Since a good chunk of the time spent running errands is driving to the store, doing all of your errands at once cuts out a ton of time.


7. Pre-prep your coffee and breakfast the night before. I set out a protein bar and preset my coffee to brew the night before, so I don’t have to worry about waiting for it to get done in the morning when I’m groggy and just want to get in for a shower.